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Blogging Reboot

I admit this blogging thing doesn’t come naturally to me. The idea of coming up with hundreds of words to say what could probably be summarized in a few sentences just seems crazy to me. Honestly, the idea of speaking on a subject related to computers or IT and using hundreds or even thousands of words to speak on topics that boil down to a bunch of zeros and ones seems to me to be a little inefficient. It sort of reminds me of having to write an essay in high school…

Teacher: Students, write a 2000-word essay on the common theme in Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. Me: CRAP!!!

Then why blog? First, someone told me I need to. “It will help promote your business.” We will see and I hope this is true. “You have a way with words.” Agreed, but I don’t think I should use those kinds of words in my blogs. “You’re pretty funny and make people laugh.” OK, I can’t argue with that one.

So, the plan is to try this blog thing, hope it helps the business and the people that read it of course. I’ll make it informative and hopefully entertaining and funny while doing my best to keep “my way with words” to a minimum. I am fairly certain these blogs won’t be thousands of words long. I do my best to be concise and to the point.

Some of the topics I plan to write about are:

· Tech Trends of 2019

· Smartwatches, Useful or a Waste of Money?

· Web Browsers, What’s the Difference or Who the Bleep Cares?

· What the Heck is the Cloud?

· Tech Scams – Stop Being So…!

· Time Management Tools and Why I Need Them (I really do)

· Reader Suggestions

This, being my reboot attempt at blogging has been fun. I haven’t written anything but emails, texts, and business proposals in years. 326 words. Not too bad. By the way, Poe was CRAZY but AWESOME.

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